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Indoor air quality plays a significant role in customer satisfaction.
Industry professionals know this. The comfort perceived in the hotels is the first value that can compromise the entire stay in a hotel if it does not meet expectations. 
Indoor air quality (IAQ) is one of the most important elements of health and comfort, and yet it is often overlooked.
Smells are one of the most common complaints and can quickly have a negative effect on overall customer satisfaction.
The high traffic of people furthers the spread of germs and bacteria that propagate through air; mould spores and other allergens make the rooms unsuitable for people with respiratory sensitivities.
Therefore, indoor air quality plays a significant role in customer satisfaction.
A survey conducted by Expedia in 2012, found that over 60% of customers provided better ratings for hotels with high indoor air quality , while four out of ten of those surveyed indicated indoor air quality as an important element for quality assessment.
Hotel rooms are constantly inhabited by new occupants, and each guest leaves something of themselves in the air.  With only a couple of hours between new and old customers, the contaminants remain in the air and are left "as a gift" to subsequent occupants.  
Jonix air purifiers can be installed in any room or air treatment systems to remove up to 99.9% of airborne contaminants.
Many top hotels have dedicated entire areas to hypoallergenic rooms; these are rooms that not only contain air purifiers, they are also equipped with special clothing, soaps and other products designed to limit irritant triggering inside each room. 
Air purification ensures that guests with allergies and asthma are far less likely to suffer breathing problems.
Jonix air purifiers are also the solution to complaints about air quality during settlement, quickly eliminating unwanted odours.
Guests who enter a room with an air purifier, recognize and appreciate immediately the commitment to their wellbeing. 
Providing an air sanitisation and purification service distinguishes a structure from the competitors and is a particularly appreciated service for which 40% of customers are willing to pay more.


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To purify and deodorise the rooms, improve indoor comfort and the quality of sleep.



Mate and Minimate

Mate and Minimate


To completely and quickly decontaminate and sanitise rooms from odours and bacterial contaminations.


To completely and quickly decontaminate and sanitise common rooms and conference rooms from odours and bacterial contaminations.



to maintain sanitisation in the inner surfaces of air distribution ducts and supply fresh air to the rooms.




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